Meet the COBRA

The Cobra is integrated the gimbal controller, FPV and OSD system in one box which offers protection from elements and makes it in a fresh appearance. Also the inspiration of design for this 550-class drone is coming from the cobra, the arms both of including stylish but lightweight. All you need is to mount a GoPro and enjoy your simply video piloting.


The Cobra is equipped with 14” propellers, which makes the model more stable while hovering in the sky, and giving you a constant smooth flight.

Integrated Box

The box is integrated in gimbal controller, FPV SET and OSD, this all in one design cleans up the wires, and avoids electronics against from elements directly.

550-class Cobra,
Bigger than Bigger

Increasing the diagonal line makes the Cobra more stable while flying, also preserve the battery life. The appearance of design is inspired from the Cobra, including both of stylish and lightweight design.

Stretched Landing Skid

While landing on the Cobra, the stretched landing skids reinforce the stability for itself, and increase the height of body which makes the model can be compatible for more type of gimbals.