Product Features

  • Equipped bait deploy system
  • Built-in screen for real-time flight information
  • Specifically designed ESC for quad copter
  • High lumen LCD display with build-in 5.8GHz receiver & battery
  • FPV system with integrated CCD camera that transmit signal up to 1000m
  • Camouflage body with sleek design
  • Efficient and rugged design that can fly in the winds up to 30mph.
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8 Channel Professional Remote Control “Commander Shark” built-in transmission function up to 1,000 meters. Built-in transmission messages can transmit immediate flight data from FISHINGMASTER. >> Learn More

Remote Controlled Metal Bait Deploy System

The remote bait deploy system is made out of metal, blending aesthetics with rigidity. The lifting capacity is up to 700 grams. The bait trigger is controlled by a digital servo with a maximum torque of 3 kg, allowing you to easily release after loading.

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