Best Fishing Drone is Ready To Fly

Equipped with the Return Home function, and Way Point function; FISHINGMATER is easy and simple to operate. Whether on the coast or in lakeside, FISHINGMATER can cast the hook to any location within a radius of 1,000 meters.

Sleek and Stylish Shell Design

The sturdy chassis is designed for the brushless power system of quadcopters, allowing it to be wind-resistant, withstanding winds up to 30mph.

TTR SHARK Flight Controller Inside

The TTR SHARK flight controller supplies precise GPS positioning, allowing it to hover in mid-air, stabilized flying, and one-touch return, allowing all fishermen to easily control this hi-tech fishing assistant.

Metal Bait Deploy System

The remote bait deploy system is made out of metal, blending aesthetics with rigidity. The lifting capacity is up to 700 grams. The bait trigger is controlled by a digital servo with a maximum torque of 3 kg, allowing you to easily release after loading.

Smart Battery Box

Each battery set can fly for 18 minutes when full charge, and the battery compartment is specially designed so that it’s easy to change, allowing you to enjoy fishing longer.

Professional 2.4G Remote Control

8 Channel Professional Remote Controller “Commander Shark” built-in transmission function up to 1,000 meters. Built-in transmission messages can transmit immediate flight data from Fishingmaster.