Hero Specifications

Basic Performance Multi Rotor Types supportedQuad-Rotor: +4, x4
Hexa-Rotor: +6, x6
Supported ESC output4,00Hz refresh frequency PWM
Recommended TransmitterPCM or 2.4GHz with 6 channels at least and Failsafe function available on all channels
Recommended Battery3S~6S LiPo
Power Consumption1W
Operating Temperature-5°C ~ +60°C
Hardware Parameters WeightMC:32g
Size MC:70.5mm x 41mm x 25mm
GPS:55mm(diameter) x 11mm
Wifi:65mm x 40mm x 14.4mm
LED:17mm x 17mm x 5.5mm
Flight Performance Hovering Position Accuracy (GPS mode)Vertical:±1m
Max Level Speed< 10.2m/s
Max Tilt Angle35°
Max Ascent/Descent Speed< 5m/s
GCS Software
(Optional WIFI)
Map:Google 3-D GIS
Support OS:Windows XP sp3 / Win7 , Android4.0
Built-In Functions
  • Three flight control modes
  • Fail Safe (Auto Hover -> Go Home -> Auto Land)
  • Auto Takeoff & Auto Landing
  • Low Voltage Alert
  • Realtime Flight status
  • Phone Attitude Control
  • Support Wifi module