The SEAWOLF is the next generation ROV designed by TTRobotix. She is the ideal submersible vehicle for carrying HD sports camera systems into underwater environment. The SEAWOLF is able to take still photos and videos, and live stream video for FPV piloting.

Pelican Case –Provides protection for the SEAWOLF during transportation. The case also houses parts and accessories.

Tether Reel –For 5222-F13 version only. Available in 15m and 30m options. The high tension reel prevents tangling.

Boscam D4 –8 inch TFT LCD screen with LED backlight. Comes with a built-in 5.8GHz receiver.


  • Wire Remote Control
  • Metallic shell
  • Cover with high transparency and solid material
  • Fully Assembled RTR Submarine
  • Perform both Static & Dynamic Diving
  • Auto-detect Protect System
  • Powerful OBL 320 KV Brushless Motor
  • Large Tri-Fins Stabilizer
  • Large Front Elevator
  • GoPro Compatible
  • Large Five-Blade Brass Propeller
  • 4S LiFe Battery with Charger Include

Available in :

SEAWOLF Deep Sea ChallengerSEAWOLF Deep Sea Challenger FPV
Wire Remote Control
Metallic shell
TTR Commander Radio Remote ControllerWater Proof Remote Controller
No FPV includeFPV with 4K Resolution
Includes :
  1. Large Tri-Fins Stabilizer with Large Five-Blade Brass Propeller
  2. 4S LiFe Battery with Charger Include

* The above spec is subject to change.
* Release date to be announced.