Coaxial Helicopter
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Advanced Coaxial Helicopter
With a coaxial dual rotor spanning a diameter of 1.82 meters, and a tailless design to increase overall stability and safe handling, the CX-180 series is like no other. With a loading capacity of 15 kg, it is up to the task of completing tasks and missions required of it, staying up in the air for long periods of time.

Dual power input with brushless motor power that’s equipped with comprehensive safety mechanisms and safeguards. In cases of low power or power anomalies, it will automatically activate the automatic return function and safely return.


  • Dragonfly can fly up to 300 feet above the ground. Once airborne with communication equipments, the Dragonfly provides LTE coverage from the sky to a designated area on the ground.
  • Unlimited and reliable flight time for mapping, surveillance and inspection.
  • High efficiency coaxial pitch control structure design.
  • Dual electric brushless motor power input system.
  • Specially designed high efficiency 6 blade rotor system.
  • Foldable Main rotor and No tail rotor compact design.
  • All Weather Proof Body design.
With tethered power supply, DRAGONFLY has unlimited flight time in the air. This is the perfect solution for observation and surveillance under 100m altitude.
All Weather Proof body design, advanced flight control system and powerful brushless motors make this UAV has strong wind and rain-resistant capacity.
RTK(Real Time Kinematic) System provides accurate and reliable solutions for high-precision application needs.
Telecommunication Aerial Mapping Real-Time Surveillance Industrial Inspection



Payload Capability and Cable Specifications

100M(328in) Altitude Payload Cable
10kg(22lb) 100M Special High Tension Cable System

Helicopter Specifications

Length Width Height Rotor Diameter Backup Battery on Board Power Generator on The Ground
1,409mm (55.5in) 540mm (21.3in) 926mm (36.5in) 1,820mm (72in) 12S-5,000mAh(Li-Po) 7,800W Gasoline Generator 240VAC Output(Single Phase)