Coaxial Helicopter


Advanced Coaxial Helicopter
With a coaxial dual rotor spanning a diameter of 1.82 meters, and a tailless design to increase overall stability and safe handling, the CX-180 series is like no other. With a loading capacity of 15 kg, it is up to the task of completing tasks and missions required of it, staying up in the air for long periods of time.

Dual power input with brushless motor power that’s equipped with comprehensive safety mechanisms and safeguards. In cases of low power or power anomalies, it will automatically activate the automatic return function and safely return.


  • New generation autopilot helicopter.
  • High efficiency coaxial pitch control structure design.
  • Dual electric brushless motor power input system.
  • Specially designed high efficiency 6 blade rotor system.
  • Foldable Main rotor and No tail rotor compact design.
Parcel Delivery Patrol and Survey Search and Rescue Industrial Inspection



Helicopter Specifications

Length Width Height Rotor Diameter Power Battery Hydrogen Fuel Tank Max Payload Endurance
1550mm (61.0in) 780mm (30.7in) 958mm (37.7in) 1820mm (72in) 6000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell 9L*2 7kg 85min(Full pyload)

Fuel Supply

Hydrogen Gas Delivery Pressure Fuel Consumption Gas Tubing Supply & Purge Control
Dry, 99.999% purity 0.4-0.7 bar (6-10 psig) 30L/min PU, 6mm OD Solenoid valves with integrated pressure sensor