Multirotor Drone


  • MORPHEUS FV3D-360 gimbal brings a real-time aerial thermal imaging.
  • 100% Factory Installed and Tested APC 12” x 4.5” Propeller Included.
  • Real-time FPV system transmit signal up to 1000m.
  • No exposed wires for aero-dynamic performance.
  • LCD Display Screen with Built-in 5.8GHz Receiver and the Battery.
  • Metallic finished body shell with sleek scheme.
  • Combining high performance motors with a sturdy chassis design, the NIGHTHAWK has great wind-resistance ability, withstanding strong wind up to 30mph.
  • Quick-release gimbal adaptor for various camera options.
  • Provide waypoint function for flight planning through APP(IOS & Android)
Bring You A New View on The World
TTRobotix NIGHTHAWK is an one stop solution for aerial thermal imaging for FLIR VUE. The MORPHEUS FV3D-360 gimbal technology and the integrated 5.8g FPV video transmission can effectively function as a nightvision system.
Quick-Release Gimbal Adaptor
TTRobotix offers complete gimbal series for your favorite cameras! Pick one and attach to your NIGHTHAWK! Unique quick release device than can easily change gimbal, according to the different cameras.
Real-Time Thermal Imaging
With the perfect combination of Morpheus FV3D-360 gimbal, FLIR VUE camera and the excellent flying performance of NIGHTHAWK. You can get messages that can’t be seen by eyes through detecting the tiny difference of temperature in a circumstance without light or full of fog.


NIGHTHAWK – The Complete Aerial Thermal Imaging System