SEAWOLF Sport Version

Seawolf Series


The SEAWOLF Sport Version is ideal for carrying HD sports camera into underwater environments. Equips with large tri-fin vertical stabilizer, powerful brushless motor and high quality 5-blade propeller, the SEAWOLF Sport Version is capable for high speed agile maneuver without sacrifice any performance. The camera mount at the front is designed to house your favorite HD sports camera for still photos and videos.


  • Fully Assembled RTR Submarine
  • Static & Dynamic Diving System
  • Auto-detect electronic protect system
  • Camera Mount Included
  • Large 5 Blades Brass Propeller
  • Powerful OBL 320 KV Brushless Motor
  • 4S LiFe Battery with Charger
  • Large Tri-Fins Stabilizer

Static & Dynamic Diving System

Adopting the static diving system is driven by a ballast tank with pump & motor unit. Start the pump to induct the water into the ballast tank. Control the amount of water in the ballast tank, the submarine can dive from the surface and stay underwater in static.

Auto-detect electronic protect system

SEAWOLF is equipped with a auto-detect protecting system, if the system detects low battery power, low transmission signal, leakage, then the roll pump will auto start to flood the water out of the ballast tank to make the submarine float back to the surface.

Camera Mount Included

Using the propulsion power unit and full elevator and rudder control, you can drive the submarine graceful sailing underwater. Install a GoPro HD action camera (not included) and you can take the photo or video of the amazing underwater scenes.


Environment Desplacement Length Beam Height
Fresh Water Only 7.7kg 774mm 350mm 285mm
Props Diameter Props Blades Operation Depth* Speed Radio
62mm 5 Blades 5m 3.5Km/h FM
Radio Range Motor Battery Operation Duration Sport Camera Mount
50m 340KV LiFe 5,000mAh 50mins Yes
*(Depth may vary due to operation environment and radio frequency used)