Thunder Hawk



With a coaxial dual rotor spanning a diameter of 1.82 meters, and a tailless design to increase overall stability and safe handling, the CX-180 is like no other. With a loading capacity of 15 kg, it is up to the task of completing tasks and missions required of it, staying up in the air for long periods of time.


  • New generation agriculture autopilot helicopter
  • High efficiency coaxial pitch control structure design
  • Exclusive dual motor power safety system design has been officially patented
  • Specially designed high efficiency 6 blade rotor system
  • Foldable Main rotor and No tail rotor compact design
  • Precision spray system for pesticides,fertilizers and herbicides



Length Width Height Rotor Diameter
1150mm (45.3in) 540mm (21.3in) 909mm(35.8in) 1820mm (72in)
Motor Power Battery Max-Payload Max Flight Time
400KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR 6S-LiPo 22000mAh(25C)*4 15kg 55min


Real Time Kinematic System For PrecisionAagriculture

  • High Efficiency Structural Design

    • The double spiral coaxial configuration design is catered for heavy duty deployment of pesticides and insecticides for crops. It’s highly reliable and its tailless design significantly increases the stability and safety of the handling.
  • Flawless Security System

    • Dual power input with brushless motor power that’s equipped with comprehensive safety mechanisms and safeguards. In cases of low power or power anomalies, it will automatically activate the automatic return function and safely return.
  • State of the art technical application of agricultural

    • Large aerial vehicle complemented with modern sensors for laser altitude positioning, and A.I. flight control, farming can be done effortlessly. Only 8 minutes is required to complete a one hectare pesticide spraying operation, greatly improving agricultural efficiency and reducing exposure to pesticides.

Powerful loading capacity, diverse range of practical application

Agricultural pest control applications 3D laser terrain scanning Wind turbine blades and high voltage power lines detection
Real-time assessment on-site for fire and emergency disasters Immediate delivery of medical emergency resources and supplies Coastal border patrol monitoring