Seadragon XLR



The Seadragon XLR is a system of ROV which utilizes interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network.
This topology provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions.It is this flexibility which sets the Mission Specialist ROV series apart from current technology in the Remotely Operated Vehicle industry.


  • Live Ultra-low Latency Video (with Standard Electronics Package)
  • Live 1080p HD Video (with Advanced Electronics Package, 200 ms latency)
  • Highly Maneuverable Vectored Thruster Configuration
  • Stable and Optimized for Inspection- and Research-class Missions
  • Easy to Use, Cross-platform User Interface
  • Up to 300m Depth Rating
  • 6xTT-100 Thrusters and high performance ESC for the best Thrust-to-Weight Ratio in its Class
  • Battery powered With Quick-Swappable Batteries for Long Missions

Easy to Operate Increased Payload Capacity Highly Versatile ROV
Control board is compatible with the ArduPilot module and equipped with a universal joystick to control the Seandragon XLR. It is easy to operate and quick to get started. The control system can be installed on the tablet or laptop of the Windows OS to transmit signals in both directions via a dedicated connection. Multicopter propulsion system achieves accurate attitude maintain and navigation depth hold. The increased internal space provides a higher payload capacity. User can load professional sensing devices connected in series with the main control board. Seandragon XLR is powered by batteries and can operate underwater for hours without external power supply. Robotic Arm Upgrade Kit features quick and smooth sample handling from seabed to the surface. Seandragon XLR can be used in underwater missions : aquaculture , marine research , sample collection , underwater exploration , search and rescue.