X-1300 EagleEyes

Multirotor Drone
X-1300 Eagleeyes_F
X-1300 Eagleeyes_F
X-1300 Eagleeyes_R_P16
X-1300 Eagleeyes_Lens


The X-1300 EagleEyes is a fully autonomous system with tethered technology which provides continuous power and unlimited aerial coverage. It offers a portable, tethered aerial solution for unlimited streaming and data capture with endless power. Thunder Tiger designs and manufactures tether-powered aerial drones for customers who need unlimited aerial surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance (ISR) capability. Unlike battery-powered drones that have 20-40 minute flight times, X-1300 EagleEyes with its day/night Electro-Optical Zoom camera and Infrared communications can fly for hours and days to enhance the overall public safety and security, making EagleEyes the perfect drone for extending the outer layer of security and spotting trouble well beyond the physical perimeter.


  • AI flow calculation
  • AI facial recognition
  • For persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Providing all-day and all-night coverage
  • Fly in GPS-denied environments
  • Fully automatic flight controls