Seadragon 8-Axis

Underwater ROV


The Seadragon is a Mission-ready remotely operated vehicle that can be easily deployed and controlled by one person to conduct underwater inspections With a new mechanical design from its predecessor, the Seadragon has flexible payload capabilities, deeper depths, and advanced 6-DOF stabilization. The Seadragon allows operators to simultaneous view the surrounding with multiple camera angles, control the manipulators, and operate the sonar while station holding in harsh environmental waters. The Seadragon is ideal for performing propeller, hull, and wharf inspections as well as underwater search and recovery missions.


  • Sonar scanning real-time image under water.
  • Live Ultra-low Latency.
  • Live 1080P HD Video.
  • Highly Maneuverable Vectored Thruster Configuration.
  • Optimized for Inspection and Research-class Missions.
  • Easy to Use, Cross-platform User Interface.
  • Up to 300m Depth Rating.
  • 8xTT-100 Thrusters and High Performance ESC for the Best Thrust-to-Weight Ratio in Its Class.
  • Quick-Swappable Batteries for Long Missions.
  • High Payload Up to 10 Kg.