X-450 Scout

Multirotor Drone
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X-450 SCOUT_R_
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The X450 LTE Scout is a compact multi-rotor aircraft which provides first-class image quality, outstanding reliability and automatic flight modes. The X450 LTE Scout comes equipped with an enlarged frame design and retractable landing gear. The safe and reliable quad design featuring 4 rotors remains stable in the air – even when it’s windy outside. The Scout is equipped with a PX4 based flight controller and flight modes including Follow Me, Point of Interest and Curve Cable Cam. All the components of the Scout have improved protection against electrical influences and, which ensure maximum reliability. The large high-intensity directional LED lights are mounted under each motor to help with flight orientation.


  • Enlarged frame space provides abundant assembly space for electronic systems
  • Easy setup for various auxiliary equipment required for aerial photography.
  • Retractable Landing Skids provide better view of the camera lens(360 Degrees).