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TTRobotix Seawolf Submarines


Thunder Tiger will be announcing 3 new models of the Seawolf line of UUV. (unmanned underwater vehicle) in Orlando, Florida for the 2015 DEMAshow. The design of an airtight, waterproof front cover diversifies the various types and brands of photographic equipment that can be used.

  • Chrome - Floating antenna design. Using smart phones as remote control, you can transmit under water images to the smart phone in real time.
  • Deepsea Challenger - Ideal design for divers. Using a water-resistant remote control, allows user to freely operate the Seawolf for easy shooting.
  • Ocean Master - Coiled reel cable design. Allows for more stable signal and video transmission. Avoiding underwater interference, the operator of the Seawolf can see clear underwater images on the shore.

Exhibition time: November 4th -7th, 2015
Location: Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse
9899 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Google MAP:https://goo.gl/maps/KrE6fL93BXo

Stay tuned!