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TTRobotix SeaDragon Submarine


The TTRobotix SeaDragon is one impressive submersible vehicle and it was on display at CES 2017. The sub is 654x483x254mm with a hydrodynamic design that makes it look like some kind of futuristic transport ship. The design allows the SeaDragon to be highly maneuverable and reach speeds up to 2 knots and a maximum depth of 60 meters.

The SeaDragon has a Logitech C920 webcam in the nose and that allows you to stream 1080P HD video live. It can be controlled by wire or wirelessly with a 4G/LTE connection. There is a Pixhawk autopilot system that offers flexibility in how you control the sub. We're sure the SeaDragon will have plenty of commercial uses, but we think it looks like a blast to drive around just for the fun of it.