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Thunder Tiger joins hands with Chunghwa Telecom to participate the Hanguang Exercise


According to public information from the Ministry of National Defense, the “Hanguang 36 live-fire exercise” has conducted for five days and four nights from 13 to 17 of 2020. On July 16, the "Joint Anti-Landing Operation" live-fire exercise was held at Taichung Kanan Beach. President Tsai Ing-wen went to review it. Among them, the "UAV Air Base Station System" jointly developed by Thunder Tiger (Taiwan Stock 8033) and Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan Stock 2412) was also invited for the first time to participate in this year's National Army Hanguang exercise and received review, becoming one of the highlights of the exercise.
This "UAV Air Base Station System" uses coaxial twin-rotating unmanned helicopters and Chunghwa Telecom’s satellite vehicles. The UAV’s high load characteristics can carry dedicated special channel base stations and lift up to a height of 100 meters for ground operations. Mobile communications are expanded to high altitudes and connected to a wide range of tactical combat communications. The CX-180 UAV’s power source is a ground generator. The UAV can stay in the air for more than 10 hours through a cable connected to the UAV at a height of 100 meters. The dual motor structure is also designed for long-term flight. The communication module carried under the body can receive 35 square kilometers of ground individual communication signal, and then transmit it to the ground SNG satellite communication vehicle by optical fiber, and then connect to the combat command center.
In the past 2G to 4G era, the entire telecommunications network base station was built on the ground and moved on the ground. However, if the ground base station is attacked by the enemy or blocked by the terrain, it will cause the interruption of battlefield information and communication with our military. Due to the progress of science and technology, after entering the 5G era, and the rapid development of drone technology in the past few years, in addition to the update of ground equipment, battlefield communications will also evolve to the 5G era. Therefore, Thunder Tiger is adapting to the current situation in China. The manufacturer's technical advantages, after integrating dedicated frequency communication and drone technology, this product will become the world's leading advanced tactical communication equipment.
This "UAV Air Base Station System" has been continuously participating in various training exercises in the near future, such as the 921 National Disaster Prevention Day firefighting exercise last year and the Southern District Disaster Prevention and Relief Operations Communications Joint Exercise in April this year. The Southern District NCC supervised the five major telecom operators in Taitung. The exercise simulates that if the signal is blocked in the disaster area due to mountainous areas, another mobile T-150 unmanned helicopter will perform a relay/repeater mission. The flight training was verifying the functions of this emergency air base station, and the leaders at the meeting were highly praised.
Thunder Tiger chairman, Chen Kwan-zu said that after Thunder Tiger and Chunghwa Telecom jointly launched the emergency air base station system at the Aerospace Exhibition last year, they received attention from all walks of life including President Tsai. Now 5G wireless access network technology is becoming more and more mature. Chunghwa Telecom operators combined with Thunder Tiger professional drone manufacturers to jointly promote the new generation of air disaster relief products and attack the market. This will be the best model for Taiwanese companies to cut into the drone 5G market.